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Karachi Electric (KESC) to Spend $500 Million to Improve Efficiency

KESCKarachi Electric (KESC) to Spend $500 Million to Improve Efficiency


By IFM – Web Desk

June 13 -Chairman Tabish Gauhar says in interview in Karachi yesterday.

* Co. to spend $100m to improve efficiency of gas-fired units

by 5% and add as much as 60MW

* Coal conversion of oil-fired Bin Qasim 1 will be completed

by end-2014.

* Agreement with contractor to be signed soon

* Co. to invest $100m to augment transmission network with new

grid stations, feeders and transmission lines

* Co. in talks with parties to set up 500MW to 1000MW power

plant based on imported coal on coastal belt of Karachi in 4

to 5 years

* Co. plans to bring down transmission and distribution losses

‘aggressively’ by 10% in almost three years

* Co. to invest $100m in distribution in 3 years

* Co. to sell long-term Sukuk bond of 3 to 5 billion rupees

this year


Ali Nawaz

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