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May-13: Better fertilizer off-take is witnessed

ureaMay-13: Better fertilizer off-take is witnessed 

on Fertilizer Sector’s data for the month of May-13 released by National Fertilizer Development Centre (NFDC).

Urea off-take improved by 54%MoM, 24%YoY

Kharif season started with enormous off-take figures on MoM basis. Urea off-take registered a massive growth of 54%MoM to 485k tons in May-13 as compared to 314k tons in Apr-13. Moreover, Urea off-take during the 5MCY13 posted the growth of 24%YoY to stand at 2,140ktons compared to 1,720ktons during same period last year. However, the imported urea volumes remained depressed, declining by 46%YoY to 401kton in 5MCY13 as compared to 745k tons in the corresponding period last year.

DAP off-take up by 54%MoM to 80k tons

DAP off-take reveals a better picture during May-13 as a massive growth of 54%MoM to 80ktons is witnessed as compared to 52ktons during previous month. On YoY basis, total DAP off-take grew by 58% to 273k tons as compared to 173k tons during May-12. FFBL DAP off-take witnessed a hike of 65%MoM to 54k tons as against 33k tons during previous month. Similarly, imported DAP off-take by Engro also soared by 36%MoM to 26ktons.

FFC remains the volume leader

FFC contributed 50% in total urea off-take during the month of May-13, posting a sales volume of 242k tons (up 42%MoM) compared to 171k tons during last month. Engro off-take contributed 25% in total sales (volumes of 123k tons, up by 146%MoM) and FFBL urea off-take contributed 5% in total sales posting the volumes of 24k tons (down 23%MoM) compared to 31k tons during last month. Moreover, off-take of FATIMA and DAWH stood at 30k tons (up 301%MoM) and 3.6k tons (down 60%MoM) respectively. Off-take of imported urea contributed 7% in the total, posting the volumes of 32k tons (up 6%MoM) compared to volumes of 30k tons during last month. On yearly basis, due to availability of gas, urea off-take by FFC increased by 58%, Engro improved by massive 171% and FFBL enhanced by 33%, but the imported urea off-take declined by a massive 46%.


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