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The Pakistan Society of Technical Analysts was formed in 2011 in response to a need for a local association promoting technical analysis skills and techniques for investment professionals working in the capital markets of the country. The founding members of the society were professionals employed in the local equity brokerage industry and applied technical analysis in their investment decision making in their capacity as equity traders and technical analysts. With a mutual interest to promote best practices in the field of Technical Analysis, STAP is now a member society of IFTA STAP is a developing society of International Federation of Technical Analyst Learn More..


“The International Federation of Technical Analysts was established in the 1980′s. The original members were the Nippon Technical Analysts Association, the Market Technicians Association, the UK Society of Technical Analysts, the Technical Security Analysts Society of San Francisco and the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts.

IFTA was incorporated in the state of Delaware, USA on January 22, 1986; as a not-for-profit organisation to foster education and collaboration amongst technical analysis societies and associations around the world.

The first IFTA conference was held in Tokyo in late 1988. This provided an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas on the subject of technical analysis and its success was followed by a second Conference in London in October 1989. Since then IFTA has held an annual conference in different locations throughout the world.”

IFTA has been led by the following Chairs:

  • Adam Sorab (STA) 2010-2012
  • Elaine Knuth (SAMT) 2007-2009
  • Bill Sharp (CSTA) 2004-2006
  • Hiroshi Okamoto (NTAA) 2001-2003
  • Bruno Estier (SAMT) 1998-2000
  • John Brooks (MTA) 1995-1997
  • Robin Griffiths (STA) 1992-1994
  • Ralph Acampora (MTA) 1987-1991

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