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“Short Term Risk Long Term opportunities” of Inside Financial Market is released

ifm sisue“Short Term Risk Long Term opportunities” of  Inside Financial Market  is released

Karachi, April 30, 2014 – The 1st Quarter issue Named “Short Term Rish Long Term opportunities” of  Inside Financial Market, a journal of the Pakistan Financial markets, is published and available to the public. This issue is now available for download at for all subscribers. To subscribe please email us at [email protected]  or call Faran Rizvi: (92) 321-2608271.

The current issue includes the following articles:

Short Term Risk Long term Opportunities

KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) to be amongst the top 10 best performing

Equity markets in 2013. Support to the sentiment also came from

Pakistan’s reentry in the IMF program to avert the looming balance of

Payment crisis.

  1. 1.     Pakistan cautious optimism                  (Sayem Ali )
  2. 2.     Pakistan challenges                                 (Shakib Sherani)
  3. 3.     Benefitting from real principle                        (Azeez Mustapah)
  4. 4.     Emerging markets                                                (Mark Mobius)
  5. 5.     Foreign exchange outlook                    
  6. 6.     Godfather of technical analysis                       (Interview)
  7. 7.     Mutual funds                                              (Salman Ahmed Shaikh)
  8. 8.     Goverment Securities Launched         (Sani mehmod Khan)
  9. 9.     Fibonacci                                                      (David Peiper)
  10. 10.                        Gold Outlook                                              (Clem Chember)
  11. 11.                        Top 10 Surprising                                      (News)
  12. 12.                        NDM-Market                                             (Faran Rizvi)

Sanie Khan

Sanie Khan holds a deep knowledge of the financial markets in Pakistan. Based in Karachi, he has over 20 years of hands-on management experience in financial technologies and managing operations in the financial sector. He was the General Manager at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) for 17 years. He along-with senior members of Exchange

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