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Tundra Fonder Targets Raising $100 Mln for New Frontier Market Fund

tundra yellowTundra Fonder Targets Raising $100 Mln for New Frontier market Fund

Tundra Fonder is launching the world’s first frontier market fund with a sustainable profile. Two analysts will work exclusively with sustainability research and have been recruited to Tundra’s Pakistan office, near the markets the fund invests in. Three public institutions have guaranteed seeding of the fund. The new fund is called the Tundra Sustainable Frontier Fund, and will invest in countries including Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Kenya. The fund will have an ESG focus (environmental, social, governance) and will not invest in weapons, alcohol, tobacco, pornography and commercial gambling, or in companies that violate the UN conventions. Two analysts with experience from Transparency International have been recruited to focus on sustainable investments in frontier markets. In parallel, Ethix SRI Advisors in Stockholm have been engaged as an ESG research partner to assure the fund’s sustainability profile. “Tundra is the world’s first fund management company to combine investments in frontier markets with a sustainability focus. And there is great interest. Three public institutions have already guaranteed seeding in the fund,” says Jon Scheiber, Tundra Fonder’s CEO. Since it was founded in October 2011, Tundra has grown rapidly and now has assets under management of nearly SEK 2 billion, 13 employees and offices in Stockholm and in Karachi, Pakistan. Tundra has several distributors in the Nordic region. Most recently, Tundra expanded into Switzerland and additional European countries are included in the expansion plans.

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