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Ideas of Sustainable and Profitable Businesses

World is increasing the search for sustainable and profitable business , as it grows also among entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs awareness of the importance of preserving the planet .But being a sustainable company means not only save paper or replace the plastic cups. The concept goes far beyond that.

The sustainable and profitable enterprises are born in order to be good business for the environment and for people involved in this process. Entrepreneurs are leading to the development of its services and products ideologies that they believe.

A survey by the British consulting firm Mintel shows that 68% of Americans buy green products frequently. With more and more people concerned about what they consume, there is a huge market for small businesses in this area. Investing in sustainable business is tolook at the future.

There are several sustainable and profitable business ideas that can be implemented by small and medium entrepreneurs. The ideas that sustainability and profitability do not go together is a myth that every day will be destroyed by businesses that just prove otherwise.

Sustainable Business suggestions and Profitable

The Web Entrepreneurs team researched by the Sebrae and the American organization Green For All, which studies and promotes sustainable economy , presents here some business ideas with the greatest chance of success in the sustainability scenario.

Microfinance for small business owners

The first difficulty of new entrepreneurs usually involves the issue of funding.

Despite the sustainable image of some banks, it is difficult to get financing forgreen businesses .

In this context, investment-seed funds may be an opportunity for social entrepreneurs.

The creation of organizations microfinance independent are an investment option while stimulating social development.

Renewable energy

The issue of reducing global warming depends on the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable sources. There are many opportunities for small businesses to help homes and businesses to use this type of energy.

Companies that promote the installation of solar plates are examples of businesses with good growth potential in this area.

Green Technology

Ideas of sustainable and profitable businesses
Ideas of sustainable and profitable businesses

The study calls the green information one of the most potential areas of technology. The idea is to create business to provide services to other businesses such as consulting and analysis of energy costs in data centers, for example.

Another example is the recycling of electronic products, a real “gold mine” since this metal is present in several components of computers, phones and tablets.


With obesity levels higher and higher, the concern with a healthier diet also grows. The study suggests that there are opportunities for companies investing in locally produced food without chemical pesticides or components.

Among the opportunities with more potential, the researchers emphasize the sale and production of organic products , the organization of local markets or cooperatives of producers and restaurants or organic buffets.

Construction and renovation

In addition to the ecological question, many people are seeking construction experts to reduce water and electricity bills. Leave more efficient buildings and houses, using less energy and money is a trend.

One option for sustainable and profitable business is investment in green roofs, which are covered by plants to reduce the ambient temperature and give even more green to the landscape.

Complete landscaping

Speaking of green roofs, landscape architects are high within the sustainable business . In commercial buildings in search of certifications, such as LEED, often you need to call a professional to help in adjusting.

There are even some home based franchises in this area. Another important type of business is the plumber services, since having good facilities avoids wasting water.

Clean transport

Transportation is a major problem in large urban centers and a major source of pollutants in any city in the world.

The consumption of polluting fuels is huge and there are few sustainable alternatives.The study, however, points out that even simple business can help.

Our suggestion is to mount a store for sale and bicycle repair . The repair of bicycles, for example, could grow the fleet bikes on the streets. Another option in the transport area are taxis with hybrid vehicles.

Retail sustainable

The demand for efficient, safe and non-toxic is growing, according to the study. Clothes made with organic cotton and natural dyes and cosmetics not tested on animals are in the startup list can grow.

Cleaning in the era of sustainability

Just as people do not want to wear or eat unsafe products to the health and theenvironment , there is also the market for environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Biodegradable items and certified cleaning, such as washing environmentally friendly jets like the franchise Auto Spa Express , are cited in the search.

Reuse is better than recycling

It is a simple logical question. Reusing materials and old products is much better than recycling. The movement called “upcycling” proposes to reconstruct parts have a greater life span.

This is the case of clothes and furniture, a niche placed by the researchers as strong. The growth of thrift stores, especially online thrift stores , is proof of that. The good part is that you can give a new face to things that no longer used and to make money from it.

These are just some sustainable business ideas and profitable because the market is very large in this segment. Is that you? Have any to add?

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