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52 fire-fighting vehicles manufactured by Chinese company exported to Pakistan - Inside Financial Markets

52 fire-fighting vehicles manufactured by Chinese company exported to Pakistan

– Associated Press of Pakistan

A Chinese company has exported a batch of 52 state-of-art fire-trucks to Karachi to enhance fire-fighting and rescue level of the port city.

This batch of fire vehicle, manufactured by Guangdong Yongqiang Aolinbao International Fire Truck Co., Ltd is different from traditional fire trucks that can only stop and spray water. These vehicles are convenient and available, flexible, and easy to operate, according to, a Chinese news website here on Monday.

A demonstration of vehicle functions and a demonstration of high-pressure water gun fire extinguishing were conducted during the send-off ceremony.

The project is part of the infrastructure development of Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan and it is the largest fire truck procurement project in Pakistan in the past 30 years.
The project, supervised by Prime Minister Imran Khan, adopted global bidding.

The companies from different countries competed on the same stage to win this goal.
It said, the successful export this time is not only a testimony of the friendship between China and Pakistan, but also will accelerate the pace of Dongguan’s manufacturing of fire-fighting equipment to go abroad and serve the global fire-fighting industry, demonstrating the strong strength of Dongguan manufacturing to the world.

According to the report, the export of the fire-fighting vehicle will contributes to a sound China-Pakistan relationship. The new fire truck products will greatly enhance Pakistan’s fire-fighting and rescue capabilities, further promote the Karachi City Government’s fire-fighting emergency rescue level, and provide strong hardware support for the safety of Karachi citizens.

Guangdong Yongqiang Aolinbao International Fire Truck Co.,Ltd was established in 2005 and is one of the well-known manufacturers of emergency mobile fire rescue equipment in China.

The company locates in the field of emergency equipment services, establishes a trustworthy value image, and is committed to solving industry problems. After more than ten years of development, Olinbao products occupy a certain position in China’s high-end emergency fire-fighting and rescue vehicle market and have become preferred equipment for airports and petroleum and petrochemical companies.

The company has five major product series, including special airport fire trucks, elevating fire trucks, fire fighting trucks, emergency rescue fire trucks, and combat support fire trucks, with more than 200 product categories.

The company uses all-aluminium alloy non-framework and stress-free structure technology series of fire trucks to inject a new concept into China’s fire-fighting field, creating a new era of light weight and high-power fire trucks.

It said, the company will continue to respond to approach more cities in Pakistan and provide more services to more cities and people in Pakistan.

Syed Zaki Hussain

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