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Changan starts testing autonomous cars in Pakistan

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Master Changan Motors (MCM) has started testing autonomous cars in Pakistan.

As soon as the teasers were released on Changan Pakistan’s Facebook page, Pakistani social media was abuzz with palpable excitement and a clamouring to see such technologically advanced vehicles being potentially introduced to the Pakistani market.

The MCM is presently conducting the technology testing on Changan UNI-T. It is the automaker’s first vehicle as part of a new product series called ‘UNI’ which leverages several futuristic technologies in tandem with a unique, avant-garde design.

The futuristic UNI-T comes equipped with an AI-chip based intelligent vehicle system, creating a best-in-class human-machine interactive experience. The driver can interact with the system through a dual screen touch interface, intelligent voice activation, and a facial recognition system, enabling a multi sensory experience which gives everyone sitting in the vehicle the feeling of having entered a futuristic science fiction world.

The Changan UNI-T possesses Level 3 autonomous driving capability, which means that in the first iteration, the driver will not need to continually keep his or her eyes on the road. In later iterations, the driving experience will move onwards to the hands-free and feet-free stage. The vehicle has a fully autonomous driverless self park technology which is leaving people awestruck while being tested on the roads of Pakistan for the first time ever. The Changan UNI-T is equipped with the same BlueCore NE1.5T engine that had won the Guinness World Record in December 2020.

Syed Zaki Hussain

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