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Japan courageously faced triple disasters in 2011: Ambassador Imtiaz

– Associated Press of Pakistan

:Ambassador of Pakistan to Japan, Imtiaz Ahmad on Sunday said that Japan has courageously faced triple disasters in 2011 and with its best strategy after a decade completed the rehabilitation and revitalization work.

During the ‘Great East Japan Earthquake’ occurred on March 11, 2011, the Japanese have averted three type of gigantic disaster including earthquake, tsunami and nuclear threat and set an example in human history that sets an pattern for other nations to manage crisis, Ambassador of Pakistan to Japan, Imtiaz Ahmad said this in addressing to a webinar on the 10-years completion of ‘Great East Japan Earthquake’ organized by the Japanese embassy in Islamabad.

Imtiaz Ahmad said Japanese were committed nationals, who amicably did the rescue, rehabilitation and managed the huge disaster of ‘Great East Japan Earthquake’ through their commitment, dynamism, zeal, unity and tendency of teamwork.

Sharing his experience about the ‘Great East Japan Earthquake’, he said, “I was deputy ambassador in Japan during this huge disaster and witnessed how Pakistani community in Japan played an exemplary role in rescue and provided food to the people in affected areas.”

He said this exceptional voluntary work and welfare activities enhanced the image of Pakistan not only in Japan but all over the world, when the Japanese government and people admired their support in this critical situation.

He said the Pakistan embassy fully supported the volunteers to carry on the relief activities at that crucial time. “We established a helpline for Pakistani lived in Tsunami hit areas,” he added.

He said few Pakistani students and workers were in the affected areas and the Pakistani embassy provided every support to them as it provided relief goods to the local community.

Replying to a question, he said the Japanese government had executed the 10-year plan and revived from this huge disaster within one decade, which was a remarkable joint effort by the Japanese government and community.

“We can learn from Japan for preemptive measures, rescue and rehabilitation in this kind of situation to minimize the loss of human life and material lost” he said.

While in discussion, Mayor of major areas earthquake hit Kamaishi city, Iwate Takenori Noda said the rehabilitation and reconstruction work after the ‘Great East Japan Earthquake’ was almost 98 percent completed and few works of infrastructure to be completed by next few months.

He said the huge catastrophe of the earthquake and Tsunami’s destruction were not a challenge for us but it was an opportunity for reemergence from crucial situations with national unity, teamwork and commitment.

He said the national government and local governments in the affected areas continued to work together during the last ten years for the reconstruction and revitalization
Sharing his experience about the huge disaster, the Pakistani community volunteer Mian Ramazan, said after a day, “We reached the Tsunami hit area of Kamaishi city and provided food to the local people.”

He said during this critical situation, “I learned that Japanese are more disciplined nation of the world.”

Another volunteer Anees Ahmed said he was religiously motivated to help people without discrimination of creed, color and race.

Syed Zaki Hussain

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