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Pakistan among third largest country in foreign investments

Pakistan among third largest country in foreign investmentsfipui

Since 1-Jan 2013 stats indicate that Indian is still on top on foreign investment around 15.2bn dollar injected in Indian stock market year to date. While inflow in Indonesian stock exchange is 1.9bn dollar. Pakistan remains on third with inflow of 373mn dollar.

Analysts say this inflow due to the potential growth in economy and companied earning. While major participation is mainly because of buy back of UNILEVER stock from the management that is around 500mn Dollar.

Statistic value of regional market investments are as follows.

 India  Indonesia  pakistan  S korea  SriLanka  Taiwan  Vietnam  abudhabi  dubai


         15,106            1,980                373          (3,538)                  93            4,084                254                  78                310


         24,367            1,703                120          15,069                300            4,907                154                110                124


            (384)            2,950             (119)          (8,584)             (131)          (9,074)                  42                (87)                  47


         29,152            2,390                525          19,800             (228)            9,610                614                (14)                  58


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