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Nishat Dairy, subsidiary of Nishat Mills is to be listed on the Stock Exchange.

nishatNishat Dairy, subsidiary of Nishat Mills is to be listed on the Stock Exchange.

Mian Mansha is currently managing Pakistan’s largest corporate dairy farm in terms of imported animals. As if a land size of 146 acres rearing 6,000 cows was not enough, Nishat Dairy is keen to increase their herd size even further. Currently, the farm is generating 75,000 litres of milk a day from 2,500 cows. According to our sources, the plan is to increase its strength to 9,000 cows by early 2016. Mian Sahab, in a recent meeting with Dutch Ambassador, stated, “We are striving to reach a daily milk production of 150,000 liters of milk.”

In light of its expanision strategy, Nishat Dairy, a subsidiary of Nishat Mills, is set to be listed on the Stock Exchange. Going public will help Nishat Dairy raise the necessary funds to finance its expansion plans, as highlighted by the CEO.

Sadia Younas Mansha, Executive Director at Nishat Dairy, is spearheading the farm’s team of foreign as well as local human resource working at farm. Showing keen interest in every aspect of farm management practices, she was visibly upbeat on the progress being made at the dairy farm.

Best dairy management practices are hallmark of these farms and witnessing it gives an in-depth insight into what is being done to bolster milk production in the country with limited resources. It is also heartening to note that Nishat Dairy is already working closely with local farmers for increasing their incomes. In this connection, interaction on genetics and training is being done with a view to working with them to import more high yielding cattle to share the costs. Apart from setting up big corporate dairy farms, this approach of collective benefit is necessary as strengthening of small scale farmers will lead to achieving quantum jump in milk production in the country.

Ahsan Baig

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