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Floor to Bloom – Top Line Increase For NetSol

Things are turning around for the Lahore-based rental-finance applications maker. Compared to some top line drop-off of 30 percent year-on-year in FY14, NetSol Technologies Limited (KSE: NetSol) closed FY15 with a solid 47 percent expansion in net sales. The company posted a net loss amounting to nearly 7 percent of income, when looked at in light of previous years, but the extent of losses happen to be clearly minimized.

Besides, NetSol is also actively developing a new path of NetSol Mobility, in addition to further penetrating its legacy product NetSol Financial Suite in APAC, Middle East and Europe.
Rise continues to be using the company investing in marketing this main into its core markets in the Asia Pacific area for approximately a couple of years now, in the marketplace.


A software licensing deal today entered paves the way for future care and miscellaneous applications services’ contracts. NetSol appears cognizant of this. As Ascent is in its own early days in the marketplace, the double digit increase in core prices (price of sales) during the entire year is clear. Its own delivery and merchandise must be exceptional so as to result in favorable reviews that are corporate.

Building the buzz for the merchandise can also be crucial. One views increasing costs on promotion and selling for Ascent as well as other products in 2013, also. All this B2B advertising is conducted abroad through involvement in business events and via promotion efforts since NetSol derives majority of its own sales dollars from foreign.

That said profit margins of the business still stay constricted. Gross margin turned favorable for the entire year, but that gain had failed till it reached operating margin, thanks to lower and higher operating expenditures ‘other income’. The company has some approach to go before the corner is turned by profitableness. As net sales continue to be at their 2013 degree for that to occur, more rejuvenation in the very best line is called for.

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