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Rice exporters to provide a conducive working environment for Agri- children

The rice exporters showed commitment for providing a conducive working environment to agri- children and their families for protecting them from any physical, emotion and psychological abuses in the workplace.

“We have organized workshops for educating the 1000 rice transplanters families and their children on Child Rights and to create awareness for their personal health, hygiene and Prevention from COVID-19 pandemic, ” the Project Officer RPL, Rizwan Ali said in a press release issued here on Sunday.

He said that in the last session of the series of awareness sessions, the Project Officer RPL, Rizwan Ali highlighted the different aspects of children’ s health and threats and also delivered a lecture on child rights.

So far more than 28,000 farmers have been sensitized by RPL, he said.

He said Rice Partners (Pvt) Ltd (RPL) organized 20 awareness sessions on “Child Rights and Personal Health and Hygiene” for rice transplanter’s families in different regions of the Punjab province.

The Rice Partners (Pvt) Ltd (RPL) in collaboration with Helvetas Pakistan and Swiss Solidarity conducted 20 awareness sessions for agriculture families on “Child Rights and Personal Health and Hygiene “especially for rice trans planter’s families in 16 remote villages of district Sheikhupura and other districts, he said.

He threw light on the rights of children and highlighted the strategies for elimination of child abuses and child labor.

During the series of awareness sessions, more than 2000 participants attended these awareness sessions, he said.

Rizwan ali said that they try their best to improve the livelihood of the farmers and farm labour.

While, SOPs were strictly followed regarding the COVID-19 during these sessions.

He shared the key points of the document of the United Nations Child Rights Convention (UNCRC) with the participants.

The UNCRC has 41 articles which tell us about various rights of the child.

He said that the constitution of Pakistan also grants fundamental rights to the citizens of Pakistan particularly to women and children.

As per article 25-A of Constitution of Pakistan “The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law” he added.

He also said that RPL is providing books, stationery and uniforms to the deserving children of the transplanting community free of cost so they should send their children into schools.

He ended the session by saying that RPL is also supporting birth registration of children.

The Health Officer, Punjab Health Department, Ms Zunaira Arooj sensitized the participants on personal health and hygiene.

She told the participants what measures should be taken in case of heatstroke, accidents, bites, chemical exposures etc.

She added to always use filtered water or boiled water to remain safe from water- borne diseases. She also spread awareness on prevention from novel coronavirus.

She described the methods of making hand sanitizers and ORS at home.

While talking to APP, Muhammad Ali Tariq Chief Operating Officer Rice Partners Pvt Ltd has said that RPL is working for the betterment of farmers and farm laborers from past many years through provision of laser land leveling on 50%, cost sharing basis, trainings on water saving techniques.

“We are ensuring decent working conditions for rice transplanters and their children by establishing Community Child Care Centers, first aid kits distribution of food packs, canopy kits etc.

He also said that RPL has organized a number of medical camps in Punjab and treated more than 20,000 patients in the community.

He said that RPL is the only organization in Pakistan which is working on many aspects of the rice value chain like Water productivity, Crop management, Gender equality, Child rights, Vocational training, Women empowerment, human rights and health issues.

Syed Zaki Hussain

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