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ADB approves $800 million for pandemic, and $235 million for bus rapid transport system for Karachi - Inside Financial Markets

ADB approves $800Mn for pandemic and $235Mn for bus rapid transport system for Karachi

ADB also supports Pakistan renewable energy systems and water supply facilities
Pakistani central bank providing assistance to enhance domestic resource mobilization
Devastating effects of COVID-19 slowed efforts to address economic challenges,
ADB to monitor crop production and market prices
These data can help assess the performance of Pakistan’s food security institutions
The plan to help build a long-term and sustainable food security system
ADB provided two loans to strengthen the country’s finance sector and improve trade competitiveness and exports
A $300 million policy-based loan will help develop competitive capital markets
The aim has been to encourage private sector investment
Through reforms, it would enhance the institutional and regulatory capacity of government bodies
A second $300 million subprogram will improve trade and international competitiveness
It aimed to introduce important tariff and tax-related policy reforms to support the export industry
It will also strengthen key institutions, including accreditation bodies, the Export-Import Bank of Pakistan, and the Pakistan Single Window initiative.

Syed Zaki Hussain

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