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Enhancing Cooperation in the Economic and Commercial Fields – Pak-Kenya

The Kenyan High Commissioner called on PBIT CEO Ms Amena Cheema on Wednesday for the purpose of enhancing cooperation in the economic and commercial fields.

The Kenyan delegation included H.E High Commissioner Prof. Julius KibetBitok and Mr. Filimona Wambulwa. Speaking on the occasion, Prof. KibetBitok noted that, to the benefit of both countries, Pakistan and Kenya have increased bilateral trade to $600 million. He pointed out how that 80 percent of the tea consumed in Pakistan is imported from Kenya, while 70 percent of the rice consumed in Kenya is imported from Pakistan.

He further expressed his desire to increase trade volume between the two countries to $1 billion. The Kenyan delegation also conveyed their desire for greater trade and investment relations with Pakistan, particularly with respect to textiles, pharmaceutical products, surgical instruments and tourism.

In her remarks, CEO PBIT highlighted the immense potential that exists in Punjab due to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). CPEC will be able to serve as a vital transit hub for Kenya, linking it to energy-rich Central Asia.

She discussed her plans to visit Nairobi in July to attend WIPA and UNCTAD. CEO PBIT also suggested that a trade delegation to Lahore be organized soon, and recommended that the Kenyan High Commission collaborate with PBIT for the purpose of organizing a sectoral trade show in Nairobi.

In addition, CEO PBIT welcomed a proposal to sign an MOU and pledged to share a prototype draft with concerned parties soon.

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