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Mir Muhammad Ali Khan- In Controversy Again

ali khanMir Muhammad Ali Khan-  In Controversy Again

Mir Muhammad Ali Khan who speaks on capital markets on various forums is in light of controversy again. He has been accused of fraud by Baqar Abbas Jafri who is the founder and owner of Investor Guide 360. Investor Guide 360 is a capital markets website founded and launched by Mr. Baqar Abbas Jafri 7 years ago. According to Mr. Baqar, Mir Muhammad Ali Khan was a partner in the website but over the time, he has confiscated all the database and website rights by breach of trust.

Baqar made a below clarification and provided many evidence against Mr Khan

Dear Sir,

You all are witness to Investor Guide 360’s efforts in promoting market awareness for the past 3 years. We share your research reports with your consent to general public so that access of your reports is enhanced to wider audience.

I would like to inform you all that I have been a victim to a fraud done by US Fugitive from Wall Street. My expanded vision for Investor Guide 360 has been stolen from me. After realizing the extent of the fraud that is being hatched against me, and history of the person involved, I relinquished everything and disassociated myself from the company, in the best interest of the capital market.

Mr. Mir Mohammad Ali Khan, the US Fugitive is now pressurizing me by portraying that I have been posting research reports without brokerage house’s consent, and saying that he is taking SECP’s support to send letters to brokerage houses, asking them to stop sending the reports. He has usurped all my concept and workings, and portrayed me as employee. Now, after realizing that his fraud is exposed, he is portraying me as a former employee (CEO) fired by the company.

I request you to stand by me at this tough time. I have given 7 years to this industry, since I was 20 years old. He has accused me for front running in stocks, blaming me for the ill doings he has been involved in for past 14 years. If you find any record of such accusations, share it with public. For all the years I have worked in financial industry, my reputation and commitment to the growth of capital markets is before you.

I have left everything, and decided to stand against such a fraud, at the cost of my years of hard work, and probably my life. I would request your support in unveiling this fraud, and standing by with me. He is using the prestigious name of Mr. Aref Al Zarouni, UAE Diplomat, to crush me by using his influence. All I have is the faith in Allah and trust on you to stand against this fraud for saving Pakistan’s capital markets from such international financial frauds.

I am fulfilling my responsibility to inform all brokerage houses, research analysts, and related officials about this matter to the best of my knowledge and will coordinate with the officials in this regard.

I have a firm belief that you will continue to share your research reports with millions of investors through and play your role in eradicating such frauds from the market.

Following are the links about this person, who has taken all my ideas over the past year, and now when the project was about to finish, he fired me saying that I was his employee, while the commitment he had made for of equal shareholding:

SEC Verdict

LA Times



AP News Archieve

NY Attorney

Silicon Investor Forum

General Info on Fraud

Scamvent Article

Case Proceedings on Legal Metric


I will be available 24 hours for any clarification, information, and justification on following skype id:

Upon your request to visit the brokerage house, I would come at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your support!

Sanie Khan

Sanie Khan holds a deep knowledge of the financial markets in Pakistan. Based in Karachi, he has over 20 years of hands-on management experience in financial technologies and managing operations in the financial sector. He was the General Manager at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) for 17 years. He along-with senior members of Exchange


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  • Charles Murphy says:

    Muhammad Ali Khan is a fraud.
    I worked with him at KMS. What the numerous articles fail to to talk about is his drug habit.
    He will lie to your face and not think twice about it.
    All of his past and accomplishments are made up.
    People, think about it…when is the last time you saw Warren Buffet defending himself or his credentials?
    Stay far away from this man.
    You have been warned.

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